Prop Maker 2018

"Kooki's Crafty Show was created for kids age 4-7, it is a live-action pre-school series that empowers young children to unleash the wild side of their creativity through the magic of crafting. Hosted by a semi-suited, cheeky and playful red panda named Kooki, the series feature two different crafts per episode. Projects include recyclable crafts, painting and origami "

Produced by Beach House Kids, a division of Singapore-based  Beach House Pictures.


Prop Maker assistant 2018

Created for pre-schoolers, Teddies 2 features four adorable Teddy Bear friends: Dom, Meeks, Sparky and Tizzy who live in the cuddly world of Teddytown, the seres feature crafts and props made out of recycling materials such as cardboard felt etc... 

Produced by Beach House Kids, a division of Singapore-based  Beach House Pictures.

Daughter of the Soil OH! Emerald Hill Art Tours, Openhouse.org, Singapore, 2018

With Core Crew FX team we created a 2metre tall Crinoline cage to celebrate the story of the woman who created Singapore’s national flower - the Orchid "Vanda Miss Joaquim" 

I took many hours of calculation and sewing to get the result of a bell-shape crinoline with a higher back curve. 


Prop Maker assistant 2017

Halloween Horror Nights, annual event at  Universal Studios Singapore. I had the opportunity to work on many different characters with Core Crew FX for the 2017 season. By order 

- Midnight Man: creating the head pieces and jacket 

- DR White: created the arms using grey foam and wire

- Neuron Man: spent hours hand pinning and hand sewing hundreds of kilometres of fibre optique.

- Candy Lollipop: worked closely with the costume designer to achieve the full spiral design.

- Jelly Bean : made 'kidney' shape jelly bean using AVA foam and grey foam.


Prop Maker assistant 2016

Ninjago: The Realm of Shadows is a play featured at LEGOLAND in Malaysia, Dubai and Tokyo. 

I worked with Core Crew FX to built a cast of 1.2 meter tall LEGO I was mostly involved in building the  “Bandit the Dragon” who grows from hatchling to mischievous teen dragon to full-sized “Yin Yang Dragon” with a spectacular 3-meter wingspan, during the course of the show.

WETA WORKSHOP - Wellington, NZ

 Assistant Designer, 2012

I had the privilege to work with Weta Workshop for Project Born 2012 supporting the Neo Natal Trust Charity in Wellington, New Zealand.

I  worked closely with the leading designers in creating, painting, and sewing costumes for the Project Born show.

Nawel Hammoumraoui ©

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Vanda Joaquim Orchid